… the waves are approaching

but as they also grow
throwing the ship into the line
in great trouble foaming:

the ship full of joyful wandering pleasure 

continues to be unstoppable,
and mighty is split from its breast

the rush of wind …



Reederei Horst Zeppenfeld GmbH & Co. KG successfully combines the best of traditional and modern values and is an appointed managing owner for individual one-ship companies (Full Management).


The president of the company, Captain Horst Zeppenfeld, began his career in the shipping industry as early as 1966 under the partnership of his two brothers with the first shipping company. In the year 1971, the shipping company Horst Zeppenfeld GmbH & Co. KG was founded.

The office is located in the centre of Elsfleth and welcomes its customers and suppliers with a maritime flair.

In spite of the rapid development in the shipping industry, we have never lost sight of our traditional values and continuously try to keep up with the market needs. We rigorously follow this concept, thus ensuring that our management stands for reliability and quality wherever it sails and with whomever it co-operates. This is the key factor for our long-lasting success in the industry. In the past, the company bought, built,owned and managed around 80 ships.

However, due to the attractive second hand market a considerable number of ships were sold and it is now the company’s aim to re build the fleet with modern tonnage. Today two ships are managed. They are operated by multinational crews. We have an excellent pool of experienced and well trained officers and seamen, most of whom have worked for us for many years.

The container feeder vessel is mostly employed under long-term time charter contracts and offers services around the world. The modern Handysize bulker is employed within the HUHP- Pool, Hamburg.

Furthermore we are open-minded towards new shipping business ideas.

Over the last 25 years, Mr. Horst Zeppenfeld, his experienced employees and skilled engineers have worked hard to make the fleet and the company what they are today.

Besides the Management, there are following departments:Technical and Nautical Inspection, Purchasing, Operating and Finance & Accounting. By intensive training and education, the specialized know-how is continuously extended to guarantee into the future a reliable and successful service to our worldwide customers.


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Reederei Horst Zeppenfeld GmbH & Co. KG

Visiting Address:
Hafenstrasse 4 | 26931 Elsfleth | Germany

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 1140 | 26925 Elsfleth | Germany

Phone: +49 4404 953370
Fax: +49 4404 9533744 

VAT number: DE114442708

Register court: district court Oldenburg, Germany
Register number: HRA201409

Made by | Joerg Dudziak | Germany